A fright-filled day

Morgan Baden  //  Oct 30, 2013

A fright-filled day

Tomorrow is Halloween! That means we spent our day today:


A. getting some social media spooks with R.L. Stine

B. eating Halloween-themed cupcakes

C. watching scary book trailers on YouTube

D. all of the above!


It's true -- today we've done all of those things. R.L. Stine took over our social media accounts, which was great fun -- we'll share a recap later this week! I brought in some baked goods, which were pretty yummy, if I do say so myself. And Megan has been sending around links to some of the scariest book trailers on our YouTube channel! Here are some favorites:


Watching scary book trailers led us to talking about our favorite scary movies, of course. I love, love, love scary movies; a few weeks ago I added a ton of scary flicks to my Netflix queue, only I just realized I've only gotten around to watching one of them so far. Yikes. I guess I know what I'll be watching tonight...

How do you get in the Halloween spirit?