Education stories we love

Julia Graeper  //  Mar 17, 2017

Education stories we love

Did you know that Scholastic has an education blog? edu@scholastic is where talk all about education and learning, which can includes new books, current trends in education and also—my favorite—inspiring stories from teachers, principals, and district leaders about what's happening in their school communities. 

Below are a few of my favorite stories from the last few weeks:

We Read Big: Reading as a Way of Life

Adam Couturier is the Humanities Curriculum Coordinator for Southbridge Public Schools in Southbridge, MA, and is one of the most committed and passionate educators I've ever met. Here he describes We Read Big, the campaign to get the Southbridge community (kids AND adults) reading every day.

Equity in Education: Children Who Are Overlooked for Gifted & Talented Education

Did you know that we have a serious equity problem when it comes to which children do and do not receive the opportunity to apply to gifted and talented programs? This post explains what's going on and what we need to do to provide every student with the resources they need to achieve and shine.

Riveting Read-Alouds (How and Why to Read Aloud with Older Students)

When you think of a teacher reading aloud to his class, what grade do you imagine? Most people think that read alouds are just for younger grades, and that once kids can read independently, there's no reason to read aloud anymore. Literacy expert Janet Allen explains the many reasons why it's a good idea to read aloud with older kids.