Counting the books

Michael Strouse  //  Feb 25, 2014

Counting the books

What is it like to spend the night in a bookstore?

I know you all are conjuring up images of comfy sleeping bags, soft lighting and quiet reading before drifting off to sleep with the smell of BOOKS inspiring your dreams and the security of knowing you'll be protected through the night be a Big Red Dog watching from 10 feet above. (Cue the classical music...)

I wish last night was like that!

Having worked in The Scholastic Store for over a decade, I know all to well that when we are here overnight, it is for a good reason and generally is busier than most days at the store.

Last night was no exception. We performed a full inventory, counting tens of thousands of items in about 16 hours.

We thought it might be fun to give you a little glimpse into what that looks like!