Confessions of a Book Nerd

Nicole Ortiz  //  Mar 21, 2017

Confessions of a Book Nerd

The beauty of being a book nerd is getting to love books unapologetically. No matter what kind of literature you love to read, you can bet there are others out there who love it just the same. Whether you’re fantasy fanatic, a horror enthusiast, or a non-fiction bookworm, you are not alone! The great thing about working at Scholastic is getting to be surrounded by so many people with the same genuine love for books—who can also relate when it comes to the interesting, quirky, and sometimes unusual things we do when it comes to how we read them, even if they’re not said aloud.

I started to think about my reading habits, what I like and the kinds of things I do when I read books or even shop for them and it made me wonder what the rest of my team does. I asked a few of the OOM contributors (I won’t tell you who, these confessions are secret!) what their book nerd confessions were, and here’s what I found out…

Confessions of a #BookNerd

“I love the smell of books and will not-so-subtly sniff the pages whenever I’m reading”

“I write down favorite quotes and passages from every book I read, in a journal, so I can always refer back to them when I need some inspiration!”

“I use WAY too many Harry Potter references in my everyday life.”

“I don’t believe in “guilty pleasure” books. When I like a book, I’m not ashamed!” 

“I am a serial author binger. I will read every single book by one author back to back within the span of a few months! Once I am finished, I move on to the next one. It’s the literary Netflix binging.”

“It’s hard for me to keep all my books on just one bookshelf in my home, so I keep a bunch of books scattered across a few corners of the house. Easy access whenever inspiration hits!”

“I like to keep my books pristine, so I rarely lend them out to friends.”

“I have fallen in love with so many fictional characters; I have an ongoing list of book boyfriends.”

“I have a reading waitlist because I buy more books than I can read... I’ve never left a bookstore with just one book.” 


... What's your book nerd confession?