Choices magazine, now on the Kindle Fire!

Kristen Joerger  //  Oct 24, 2013

Choices magazine, now on the Kindle Fire!

Big news from Choices magazine today -- we're now available on the Kindle Fire!

Previously available only in the classroom, parents can now purchase a subscription to Choices for their teens to read at home. The magazine is designed to help teens navigate their everyday challenges. Each month, we feature amazing teens who are doing great things and cover the topics that are on the minds of teens, like bullying, relationships, health and nutrition, and technology.

The November/December issue has a fantastic Holiday Survival Guide that offers tips and advice for everything from gift-giving on a budget to surviving awkward family functions. We also feature three incredible teens who acted fast in emergency situations and saved the lives of people in danger.

My favorite feature in the magazine is the "Different Like You" story. Each month, a "regular" teen who has lived through an unusual circumstance is featured. This month's issue tells the story of Kevin, a teen whose family lost everything and became homeless for two years before getting back on their feet. His story and his optimism are so inspiring!

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