Check out these cool books for the LEGO Batman Movie!

In 2013 we were treated to the hilarious “LEGO Movie.” This Friday the equally side-splitting follow-up, the “LEGO Batman Movie,” opens nationwide. To celebrate the movie’s release we’re reading some great books from Scholastic, featuring Batman, Robin, The Joker, Batgirl, Alfred, and more. Check out the list of books below and let us know which character you can’t wait to see on the big screen! For a sneak peek, read Scholastic Kid Reporter Ethan Zucker's take on the movie from the NYC screening.

Picture Books

The Joker's Big Break (The LEGO Batman Movie: 8x8) (Ages 4–8) by Michael Petranek

Young Readers

Robin to the Rescue! (The LEGO Batman Movie: Reader) (Ages 6–8) by Tracey West

I'm Batman! The Dark Knight's Activity Book with Stickers (The LEGO Batman Movie) (Ages 6–8) by Ameet Studio

Junior Novel (The LEGO Batman Movie) (Ages 7–10) by Jeanette Lane

Batman's Guide to Being Cool (The LEGO Batman Movie) (Ages 7–10) by Howie Dewin, illustrated by Scholastic

Chaos in Gotham City (The LEGO Batman Movie: Activity Book with Minfigure) (Ages 7–10) by Ameet Studio

Coming Soon! Be on the lookout for these titles available this spring from Scholastic

Being Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie: 8x8) (Ages 4-8) by Michael Petranek

I'm Batgirl! (The LEGO Batman Movie: Reader) (Ages 6–8) by Tracey West

Rogue City (The LEGO Batman Movie: Build Your Own Story) (Ages 7–10) by Tracey West