Celebrating one year of Pokémon Go! (Plus, a giveaway!)

Brooke Shearouse  //  Jul 6, 2017

Celebrating one year of Pokémon Go! (Plus, a giveaway!)

It’s hard to believe the “Pokémon GO” mobile game is celebrating its one year anniversary today, July 6! The game, which allows players to capture, battle and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world, has reached 750 million global downloads. In addition to joining the adventure with our phones, we’re reading some great books from Scholastic featuring some of our favorite Pokémon characters. Check out the list below!

Deluxe Essential Handbook (Ages 7–10): This comprehensive guide book is an absolute must-have for Pokémon Trainers of all ages! It's got all the facts and figures you ever wanted to know about Pokémon in one convenient, easy-to-read format. And it's the perfect reference for Trainers looking to master the world of Pokémon GO.

Welcome to Alola! (Pokémon Alola: Level 2 Reader) (Ages 4–8) by Maria S. Barbo: Join Ash and Pikachu on their first adventure in Alola, the brand-new Pokémon region. They'll meet and catch some amazing new Pokémon, including First Partners Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. Based on an episode from the new season of “Pokémon Sun & Moon,” as seen on Disney XD.

Alola Region Poster Book (Pokémon) (Ages 4–8): Meet the Pokémon of Alola! Litten, Popplio, Rowlet, Lunala, Solgaleo... they're all in here. More than 20 cool and colorful posters are inside, plus stats and facts. It's perfect for Pokémon fans of all ages.

The Pokémon School Challenge (Pokémon: Alola Chapter Book #1) (Ages 7–10): Ash, Pikachu and their friends are on a new quest through the Alola region. This action-packed adventure will see the beloved Trainer and his team take on foes new and old with some cool new Pokémon by his side. Based on a thrilling three-part storyline from the top-rated Cartoon Network animated series.

Coming soon! Alola Region Handbook (Pokémon) (Ages 7–10): Meet the Pokémon of Alola! Every amazing Pokémon featured in the new Sun & Moon video games is included in this comprehensive handbook. You'll discover stats and facts about many brand-new Pokémon—and learn new things about some old favorites as well. It's everything you ever wanted to know about the Pokémon of Alola! Out July 25.

GIVEAWAY! Tell us which Pokémon character is your favorite and why. One winner will be randomly selected to win a Pokémon book prize pack that includes Welcome to Alola Reader; Alola Region Handbook; and Alola Poster Book! Contest is open to all legal U.S. residents 18 and over; all entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM ET on Thursday, July 13, 2017. Read the complete legal rules here.


Pikachu is our family's

Pikachu is our family's favorite Pokemon. He's Ash's best friend and he's adorable!



Oh, there are so many Pokemon

Oh, there are so many Pokemon we adore! My son loves the Legendary ones. But Squirtle always makes me smile.

My favorite Pokémon is

My favorite Pokémon is Froakie. I like Froakie, because he is a frog-like character. My favorite real-life creature is a frog and I feel that I can connect Froakie in reality the most among the other adorable exciting characaters.

Eevee because of all her

Eevee because of all her evaluations, Sylveon because she is a fairy type.

My favorite Pokemon is

My favorite Pokemon is Leafeon. My daughter wanted to be leafeon for Halloween a couple of years ago, so I had to get creative with the costume!

My daughter's favorite

My daughter's favorite Pokemon is Pikachu, because he's a best friend who is always there for you. Plus, in her words, "he's super duper cute and adorable-cuddly!" She is hugging her Pikachu plush doll right now as I type this. Now she's tapping on Pikachu in the Pokemon GO app so she can hear his "Pikachu!" cry. Now she wants to go outside and catch some Pokemon. Thanks for inspiring us to take another outdoor adventure together!

My favorite pokemon is

My favorite pokemon is Snorlax because I can relate. Snorlax is a sleeping pokemon and sleep is what I do best.

My daughter's favorite

My daughter's favorite Pokemon is Pikachu, because He is so cute. Love his voice and love quick attack. My kids loves to cuddle with their plush Pikachu.

Psyduck all the way. My

Psyduck all the way. My students always see him as weak and weird and a veritable outcast. But when needed he is incredibly strong...though a bit silly. He ends up making the kids laugh and helping save the day. Psyduck proves the adage, "never judge a book by its cover."

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