Celebrating Grandparents Day with a read aloud

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 8, 2019

Celebrating Grandparents Day with a read aloud

We’re celebrating Grandparents Day the Scholastic way—by reading out loud!

Below, members of the Scholastic family explain why this special form of bonding is so important to their relationship with their own grandchildren—along with adorable photographic evidence.

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Happy Grandparents Day!

“I LOVE reading to my granddaughter so much because it gives us the opportunity to share close and quiet moments together. Sofia is crawling all over the place now and ALWAYS on the go, so when she’s on my lap and we’re reading…HEAVEN.”—Alan S., Sales

Alan is reading Lift the Flap: Look Who’s Mooing! from Scholastic Early Learners

“My brother was a rambunctious kid, he was always wiggling around! But our grandparents loved reading to us, and it was a treat that could often get him to sit still. Here’s Papa reading to Benny, a totally enchanted little bookworm.” — Kait F., Editorial

“Reading to Connor is a blast!  His parents have made books and reading a priority from the start, so he’s developed an early love of both.  Whether it’s eagerly turning pages in anticipation of familiar phrases and pictures, or exploring a new story for the first time, his exuberance and joy are infectious!”—Kim, submitted by Taylan S., Publicity

Connor’s grandma, Kim, is reading I Love My Glam-Ma by Samantha Berger with illustrations by Sujean Rim

“My mom is a retired teacher so she truly understands the value of reading to your children (and grandchildren) from day one.  They also love it because it’s an easy way to get some extra snuggle time!”—Meaghan H., Sales

Ryan’s grandmothers are reading First 100 Animals from Scholastic Early Learners

"Arlo and his Halabeoji (grandpa in Korean), who lives in Seoul, love making the most of their visits by reading favorite stories like Good Night, Sweetie together!"—Glenn C., Finance

Arlo’s grandfather is reading Good Night, Sweetie by Joyce Wan