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We know every month is Harry Potter month to many readers, but July is special: it's the month both Harry and J.K. Rowling celebrate their birthdays!

To kick off #celebrateharry month, use this space to share why the series is so important to you. Your Harry Potter memories, thoughts, and comments will be highlighted here and across our social media platforms all month long.

Get ready to celebrate the magic! Tell us: what does Harry Potter mean to you?


Harry Potter means everything to me. I don't think I would be an English Literature graduate hoping to embark on a career as school librarian if it weren't for Harry Potter. Since the age of 7 the Harry Potter series has been the backdrop to my life. Harry, Ron and most importantly Hermione shaped the person I have become because they made me feel comfortable about not always fitting in. It added fuel to my book loving fire and I am going to be forever grateful.

To me, Harry Potter means friendship. Even when I was all alone, and no one understood the girl who took books to lunch and would rather read than talk to people I didn't understand, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were there, not to mention an incredible world full of other amazing characters. Thanks to JK Rowling, I have friends who will stay with me wherever I go - not to mention a lot of real ones now as well.

Started reading in 2001 as an adult and was so excited to share with my kids...once they were born ;) when my oldest decided to read them all on his own as a 3rd grader it created such a bond between us! I'm excited to day my youngest (who really had no interest until now) just asked to read them too :) never has a book or series captivated me like Harry did. :)

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It started when I was six; my mum insisted 'it's just a phase, you'll grow out of it in a few years, so no, I am not getting you 10 posters and the VHS'. Fourteen years later, two full cover-oriented collection, a Wizard Collection DVD box set and a tattoo later, Harry is still as much a part of my life as he was when I was six - maybe even more so, because the bonds of friendship I created with the characters shaped who I am today. When I was laughed at in school for preferring to read during break than play with the other kids, Harry, Ron and Hermione were always there to make me feel better; and when eventually my literary obsession became so big I had nearly no friends at school, I knew that the only friends that really mattered were those I could carry around in a book with me, because they would never leave me, even if I started reading another book. And so really it's no shock that to this day I want to be surrounded by books, and that this desire has influenced my life decisions - what to study at university, etc. And I am proud to say, I stuck with Harry to the very end - and beyond.

Harry Potter means everything to me. There's not a single day that I don't think about him. And beautiful J.K. Rowling is a wonderful woman who created my favorite world. By reading her magical stories, I learnt English and improved a lot my writing skills, as I was learning from the best! I wish the Harry Potter-fever never ends. Happy Harry Potter Month to everyone!

Because of reading the Harry Potter series, I was able to open my heart again to friendship and love.

Your answer lifts the initglelence of the debate.

I completely enjoyed the Harry Potter series as an adult reader. The intricate detail truly brought this world to life. As a teacher, I love that this series brought kids back to books. I love that the series grew with the young reader, and as they took a second or third trip back to Hogwarts they suddenly began to see deeper themes that relate to our own society. Young people began to see our own history in the adventures of Harry and his friends, and they began to discuss society as well as this magical world. In my option, these books have many levels. There is always something new to discover about Hogwarts and therefore about ourselves.

I was always a girl with many friends. Everyday, I would think: 'Wow, life is so boring. It's the same everyday'. But from the very first moment I cracked open Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, life was just so much more exciting! I'd have the Wizarding World to return to, every afternoon after school. Once I finished the last book, I was in tears and could not believe it was over. The reason I love Harry Potter is that it has shaped me into the person I am today.

I have way too many memories to share but the best memories are the wonderful bonding times I've had with my children. Being the first in line at midnight for all the books and attending midnight showings of the movies has given me inexplicable joy and continues to give us conversations even though my children are in their 20's.

The Harry Potter series changed my life. I was always interested in reading, but until I started reading these books, I didn't realize how truly magical reading could be. I found myself constantly thinking about the characters, their lives, and how they would tackle the problems I was facing in my life. In the past decade, I have been able to turn the books and find something new in them each time. As a college senior, I just registered for a Harry Potter Lit course and am recruiting as many fellow friends and fans as possible to get multiple sections of the class open. I've given the books to so many of my younger family members and found that regardless of the age difference, these books bring people together from around the world. The story speaks to everyone about everything: feeling different, not having friends to making friends to fighting with friends to keeping friends, family, love, violence, evil, good, and hope. Thank you so much for all the great memories JKR!

Harry Potter means the world to me. This series taught me about love, friendship, loyalty, trust, and that real magic lies in each of us. Fred and George showed me that laughing truly is the best medicine. Ron showed me that even "second place" can do great things. Hermione showed me that it's okay to be geeky. Ginny showed me that you can be strong without a man. Luna showed me that a little eccentricity is a good thing. And Harry showed me that the power of love beats all things, and that you're never to young to change the world. Harry Potter has given me friends, both real and fictional, that will last a life time. No matter how many books I read or movies I see, my mind always returns to Harry Potter. They're my favorite book series. They are my childhood. I still get emotional about them. J.K. Rowling has saved my life with these books, and that means everything to me. Until the very End. Always.

The Harry Potter series prompted me to change the entire course of my professional life and become a Children's Librarian.

What can I say about this one? It's incredible how much a single book can change everyone's thoughts and feelings. J.K. Rowling found a way and now she is the queen of our literary world. I felt so much for Harry Potter that I started looking all over the internet for early printings of the books, and I've succeeded. The best thing I can say is the Harry Potter Heptalogy (that means a literary or narrative work spilt into seven parts) is that it shall fiercer be loved by all who know it, for me, well let's just say I've got literary plans of my own, I really and truly adored this story and hope to share it with my kids someday!

Harry Potter is the world I wish existed. I grew up and made it through school knowing that I could escape my reality and go into an alternate world where everything impossible became possible. Being a teased kid in my early years and not having many friends, Harry, Ron and Hermione were my friends and I followed them till the end. Since the end of Book 7 we have lost contact but I still read the books and go through all the wonderful memories we had while I was escaping this world and entering theirs.

When I found Harry Potter, it was the best thing in the world for me. It gave me something to hold onto during those horrible years when I didn't really see many options. Harry and his friends were mine when I literally had none. My love for the books gave me ways to make friends with real (living) people. Because of Harry, I was able to fight my way out of depression and go to college. Half way through college, when the very last movie came out, I realized how much I had depended, relied on, and needed Harry. But I also realized that I wasn't so dependent any more, that I could thrive on my own.
But my love for Harry never dwindled, and so in this last year of college, I dedicated my senior thesis to studying the HP fandom. I experienced the fandom in a whole new way and I can't wait to publish it an share it with everyone.

Harry Potter made my uni days. It's also the only film me and hubby can ever agree on to watch.
My boys (3 and 5) LOVE the Lego Harry Potter and Book of Spells playstation games and have recently caught me re-reading the first book and enjoyed a couple of chapters on our recent bus journey.

Well, Harry was in my early years in middle school the only thing that I really need in my free time, I was like I can't stop from reading and dreaming about this amazing world. My best friend and I dreamed about how could it be if we was part of the movie, and it was a moment when we just forget about the crazyness of teenager life and live something like really big and fun without questioning any of the words of J.K. Rowling, based at this point I learn that I love to read and to write novels, and my big dream is that at least I can create an story were I can connect with reader like 10% like the books of Harry connect to their fans, fans like me. And since then J.K. Rowling is my favorite writer, and also my superhero. I love this story and I will love to read more about this amazing characters.

The Harry Potter series allowed me to make friends all over the world because of our love of the books. It has also allowed me to make litetature fun for loads of kids through my Harry Potter Book and Movie Clubs. JK Rowling is an inspiration.

Harry Potter made me the person I am today, and although I received alot of negativity about because of my OBSESSION with Harry Potter, I still love him and I wish more people get to see what Harry Potter really is all about, because I come from a place where stuff like that are frown upon, so it was pretty much lonely for me growing up, but I had a friend that's always there, and that's Harry Potter
I miss him so much :(

I found Harry Potter when I was I first grade at a scholastic book fair. A friendly, enthusiastic fair worker enthralled me with tales of a boy who flew around on a broomstick and had magic and fought evil, who was rescued from his evil aunt and uncle who were in charge of raising him and I was hooked! I saved up and bought the book myself and read it at least 100 times before the second one was available to me. I practically had the entire thing memorized word for word. That was the beginning of my life long love of HP. I've waited for every book with baited breath, held most of my birthday parties at movie theaters because I had the fortune of being born in November when most of the movies came out. I've laughed, I've cried, I've loved and learned from these books that were my childhood, and helped change and shape the life of the poor little girl who felt more like Harry Potter than anyone else, because she herself had a space under the stairs and parents who were gone, but not dead and wished and prayed every day for Hagrid to come and take her away. Thank you Ms. Rowling. I love you for what you've given this world, and esp me. For giving me the hope to carry on ave create a wonderful life for myself.

I found Harry Potter when I was I first grade at a scholastic book fair. A friendly, enthusiastic fair worker enthralled me with tales of a boy who flew around on a broomstick and had magic and fought evil, who was rescued from his evil aunt and uncle who were in charge of raising him and I was hooked! I saved up and bought the book myself and read it at least 100 times before the second one was available to me. I practically had the entire thing memorized word for word. That was the beginning of my life long love of HP. I've waited for every book with baited breath, held most of my birthday parties at movie theaters because I had the fortune of being born in November when most of the movies came out. I've laughed, I've cried, I've loved and learned from these books that were my childhood, and helped change and shape the life of the poor little girl who felt more like Harry Potter than anyone else, because she herself had a space under the stairs and parents who were gone, but not dead and wished and prayed every day for Hagrid to come and take her away. Thank you Ms. Rowling. I love you for what you've given this world, and esp me. For giving me the hope to carry on ave create a wonderful life for myself.

Harry Potter means the world to me. I read the first book when I was 12 and bought each book after on the day it was released! My mom even found a bookstore near our hotel when Goblet of Fire came out so I could get my precious book- I spent the whole day reading. I started going to midnight releases with OotP, both book and movie. I also kept a huge binder filled with fan theories, fan art, newspaper articles; I have one from when the trio was first cast! It's filled with pop culture memories and so fun to have. I can't even count the number of times I've read each book. They're exhilarating and comforting and magical and wonderful. My hands shook while reading THAT PART of HBP, I cried buckets in OotP and I was dazzled by DH. The first three have their own charm, and I can't believe how much about the series as a whole was planted that early on. I have three full sets (HC, PB, and new PB) and even a few foreign editions! I also made my own cupboard under the stairs in high school. I feel so proud to be part of the Potter generation, to have grown up alongside Harry. It had been half my life when Deathly Hallows finally came out. My greatest joy to think about now is sharing Harry's adventure with my future children. If they don't discover them on their own, I'm going to give them a box set for their 11th birthday! Off to Hogwarts :) It's such a fun way to connect with others, through the inside jokes and signs but also through the pure joy of reading. I was always a reader, still am, but Harry Potter will forever be my very favorite book series.

Harry Potter was my childhood. And it will be my adulthood as well. Harry Potter was te best thing that happened to my life. It was first grade when I read the first Harry Potter book. It was the happiest time of my life. Following me reading that book was a lifetime of reading and loving Harry Potter. I have read the Harry Potter books seven times and I am only thirteen. I would like to thank J.K. Rowling for being my childhood. Through the good and the bad.

Harry Potter has been the happiness I've found during the dark times. Hogwarts has become a safe haven for me when I've needed to escape from real life. Harry Potter will always be there for me when I need it.

Harry Potter means so much to me. My mom would read the books to me and my siblings every night before we went to sleep and when I was finally old enough to pick them up and read them myself it was amazing. Harry, Ron, and Hermione taught me how to be brave and courageous and kind. They were amazing characters and were always there if I needed to escape from my reality. I love Harry Potter so much and my life would not be the same if I hadn't read those books. They were such an inspiration to me, and showed me that I can be brave, witty, kind, and cunning.

As a child I didn't enjoy reading ... It was something we did at school because we had to. Then, in 2001 I saw the first film. I was 11. A few friends said I should read the books and I did. They were the first books I read for fun and they've opened up a whole amazing world of imagination for me. For every book I enjoy, I am grateful to J.K.Rowling and to Harry.
Harry was my first novel, my first midnight opening (more than once), my first movie premiere. Tales of Beedle the Bard was the first book I read to my baby when he was only a few weeks old.
I've recently reread the books again and I can't wait until the next time I read "Mr and Mrs Dursley of number 4, Privet Drive, were perfectly normal thank you very much ..... All was well."

Harry Potter means my life, my childhood, my adolescence and current years. Harry Potter came into my life at the right time, filling it with magic and taking me to a world where I feel I belong. For many are just books, for me it's something that gave me a lot and made me what I am today. He taught me what is the sacrifice for our loved ones, taught me the value of friendship and we do not have to be a renowned hero for doing good things.
He showed me that perfection does not exist but yet not everything has to be to work. Harry Potter gave me what is this strong unbreakable bond that I have: my friends. It is the light that you can turn over the hard times.
Harry Potter came at the perfect time in my life, 13 years ago, many said it was a fad, but no, this is a lifestyle that I took the day I opened my first Harry Potter book.
The world of Harry Potter is where I always wanted to be and where I go through his books whenever I want. Thank you JK Rowling for creating the most wonderful world that exists and fill my life with magic and happiness.
Ok, I'm going to cry now.

That insight solves the prelobm. Thanks!

Harry Potter means almost more to me than I can put into words. Since age 8, Harry and his friends have been an integral part of my lifw. They have taught me the meaning of bravery, of fairness, of dignity, of adventure, of how to treat the people around you. My basic principles of life and how to approach it are all influenced in some large part by HP. I have made lifelong friends through love of the series and it has given me hope in times of depression or grey. I've read through books 1-4 at least 20 times, book 5 almost as many, the later books still a significant number. JKR made me want to be an author, helped me feel that I could make it when I was depressed, and will stay a role model for the rest of my life. Harry is a formulative part of my life that has been forming and aiding me now for a decade. I'm rereading th 5th book right now, in fact.

I didn't want to like Harry Potter. I read it because my students wanted to stay after school to read it. Once I read the first one, I was hooked. It was an amazing world to be in when reading. It was magical. I read the entire series in two months after that.

The Harry Potter books mean everything to me. They made me a better person and have also changed my life for the better. Ten years ago, I entered a fan fiction writing contest to win a wand for my growing Harry Potter collection. I realized how much I love to write. The next year, I quit my horrible cubicle job and started writing professionally. I have never looked back and love my new life. A big thank you to Harry Potter and JK Rowling for empowering me and leading me down my destined path.

Harry Potter was there for me in my darkest times. When I felt like I had no one, the books provided the friends I needed and an escape from my unpleasant reality. The books were there for me when my uncle died, when my dog of 16 years died, through high school and college, and when I started a job that made me miserable. Harry and co. were there for me from the time I was a young teen, all the way through early adulthood. No matter how old I get, the books will always have a place in my life. And I hope one day, my kids will enjoy them too. Happy birthday, Harry and Jo.

My (then future) husband Brandon was at the midnight showing of HP5 with his family, I was with my brother. Brandon's girlfriend called and broke up with him over the phone before the movie, and afterward he saw me walking out. We'd been friends for a while, but never dated (though he'd wanted to in the past). He came to talk to us and mentioned that his gf had broken up with him.

Inside, I was *ecstatic* because I really liked him. Outside, I gave him my honest sympathies (breaking up is never easy) and told him to call me sometime when he'd like to hang out.

He called me the next day and we went dancing. Four weeks later we were engaged, and five months after that we were married.

Now we have all our HP memorabilia on our mantle, and we make and sell wands at colevanders.blogspot.com. We love Harry Potter because it brought us together :)

I loved watching Harry, Ron, and Hermoine grow up - they stayed the course and fought the good fight... choosing good over evil. This is an admirable feat (even in our own realistic world)!

Harry Potter~It's real for us! I remember buying The Sorcerers Stone for my son. I was looking for something to read one day and picked it up. Little did I know the series would forever become a part of my life. Waiting impatiently for each new book to be released and then waiting for the movies as well. For years I used to drag my son with me at midnight to be among the first to get that precious book. From my Ravenclaw Robes, naming my dogs Harry and Hermione and my cat Luna (and my nieces cat Cedric) two HP tattoos, going across the pond to the Studio in England on my honeymoon and all the memoribelia collected over the years I'd say this series has affected my life in such a positive manner it will never be the same!

Harry Potter is very important to me because he and this magical world helped me during a difficult time of my life. I was eleven and feeling deeply lonely. I didn't feel like I had real friends, people who got me and supported me just for what I was. I was very depressed, thinking about terrible things. And then Harry appeared. The books became my closest friend. With Harry by my side, I felt secure and understood. Of course, a couple of years later this feeling of security and comfort faded away because Harry was not "real", he couldn't hug me. I had become Ginny, putting all my feelings in a book. And once this mistake was clear to me, it was Jo again there to give me just the right advice: "it does not do to dwell on dreams, if you forget to live". For me, Harry Potter is the piece of advice and the comforting shoulder I need in my darkest times. It's my lumos. It helps me to turn on the lights and face my fears.

I love the magic of the books and the friendship and loyalty. I started reading them my sophomore year of college and loved meeting other fans!

Harry Potter is where I made a connection to people in school that would become life long friends. Inside jokes in our group about Harry Potter, seeing who could remember the nitty gritty details in the books the best, making hoodies with HP quotes on them. It is one of the very few topics that I have remained passionate about for over a decade and it's amazing how that could bring you closer to people. Harry Potter means friendship and love. It means hours of drifting off into such an intricate, detailed world that it's almost tangible. It means going back again and again to relive emotions that are so very real. J.K. Rowling bestowed a great gift upon the world when an idea came to her that day on the train and I speak for many others when I say that we are eternally grateful.

When I was in first grade I used to hate reading. Then I read the Philospher's Stone and now I can't stop reading. I have J.K. Rowling to thank for showing me how amazing reading is

On Friday nights, me and my family used to have harry potter nights where we would watch the movies. We would eat prawn crackers and have garlic dip. The books are better than the movies but I loved those nights so much more.

Harry Potter is just the best saga ever. I've grown up with it, and I'll continue to grow up with it until the end (until MY "end" actually). I have watched the movies about a hundred times each, I have ridden the books about fifty times each, and I will never get tired of both. Thank's JK Rowling.

Harry Potter is kind of the thing that defines a lot about me. I have been a fan ever since I was 5 or 6, and it is different now being an adult fan, but still great because you're able to see the books through new eyes. It is also the very reason that I write because I hope to produce something half as good as Harry Potter.

Seven years ago to the day, my family and I went to see the Order of The Phoenix movie for the first time. It was the Friday night of July 20, and Deathly Hallows was to be released at midnight. Our movie got out after 12, so we headed straight to Barnes And Noble to grab my copy. We got there, and the store was closed! They said they were expecting a bigger turnout so they closed earlier than anticipated. When I realized I may not get my book, my world came crashing down. However, my dad started knocking on the door and going up to a window and asking repeatedly to be let in. We stood there for almost 10 minutes until they decided to let us in. I'll never forget that, and I love my dad for doing such a great thing for me.

Harry Potter was one of the first book series I read, I could connect with the stories and I loved them so much. Even now nearly eight years since i first read the first book I still love them as much as I did then. I am the biggest Potterhead within my friendship group and I am the resident fan girl / Hermione about the series. I can relate almost any word to the world of Harry potter in some way and I can reel of any fact asked of the top of my head. I will go around singing the Hogwarts school song and quoting the books and films constantly.
Harry Potter changed the way I see life and I don't know what sort of person I would be without it.

Harry potter means to me is family and friends and believing in something's that is not real even thought we know it. Harry potter also helped bring some people closer even though they didn't like each other and became friends

Harry Potter has been a part of my life for ages now, but is so special to me because it is such a magical world unlike any other. Any time I hear anything about Harry Potter, I get excited. It's one odd the things that fills you with joy all the time. And it's fantastic because it's always there for me to escaped to and plunge back into the amazing stories of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and so many others. Happy Birthday Harry and J.K. Rowling!

It is the series that encouraged me to pursue my own interests in writing, to publish a novel one day. Whilst I still have a long way to go, I would have never reached as a far as I am without the Harry Potter books - a truly inspiring world. Thank you Harry, and JKR. :)