"The Case for Loving": An Author Chat

Michael Barrett  //  Dec 12, 2016

"The Case for Loving": An Author Chat

Author/Co-Illustrator Selina Alko and Co-Illustrator Sean Qualls of the incredible book The Case for Loving: The Fight for Interracial Marriage visited Scholastic on Friday and chatted with Scholastic Parents & Kids' Serena Kappes, via Facebook Live on the Scholastic Parents page, about how books can teach important life lessons .

The Case for Loving... tells the true story of Mildred Loving and Richard Perry Loving. They were married in Washington, D.C.; however, when the couple moved to Virginia they were arrested as state law forbade interracial marriage. They fought the law and in 1967 they won the right to marry in the landmark Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia.

Selina and Sean, a married couple and parents of two kids, provided amazing insight about how the power of picture books can teach children about key moments in history - as well as open their eyes to the importance of acceptance and equality.

In case you missed it, we learned...

  • Why tell the story through a picture book? Loving v. Virginia is yet another civil rights case that should be brought to the attenion of educators, parents and children. The use of illustration helps adults approach important complex topics and life lessons for children of all ages.
  • For younger readers: It comes down to teaching children about a love story and the challenges the protagonists face in the story. Even if the concepts seem like a struggle for early learners, you can teach children how their perservance led to a happy ending.
  • The message for children: It took the Lovings over 9 years to succeed in having their marriage recognized. The Lovings' true story teaches the valuable lesson of perserverance and the importance for fighting for positive change.