From the campaign trail to Harry Potter: A Scholastic News Kids Press Corps update!

Brittany Sullivan  //  Aug 11, 2016

From the campaign trail to Harry Potter: A Scholastic News Kids Press Corps update!

Kid Reporters in the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, the country’s oldest and largest student reporting program, have had a busy summer! From the campaign trail to Harry Potter and everything in between, these junior journalists’ have covered stories both in their hometowns and on the national stage.

Check out what our Kid Reporters have been up to below and don’t forget to follow the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps on Twitter (@KidsPress)!

A Conversation With Seth Meyers

By Ryan Stoltz, August 2, 2016

Kid Reporter Ryan Stoltz recently sat down with Seth Meyers in his office at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City to talk about his first job, career in comedy, and more! When asked about his love of performing, Meyers explained, “In school, I always liked doing comedy stuff. I liked being on stage and making people laugh.” (Don’t miss this awesome video from the interview: Secrets to Late Night Success)

Girls Rock!

Esther Appelstein July 28, 2016

Founded in 2001, Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls is a network of summer camps where girls can express themselves musically by learning how to play an instrument. Kid Reporter Esther Appelstien talked to Erica Flores, program director for Girls Rock Austin, about the camp’s focus on music, arts education, and social justice.

Muggle Mob

Adedayo Perkovich, July 23, 2016

A flash mob outside Scholastic HQ in New York City celebrated the newest addition to the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. On July 21, Scholastic employees and their children flooded onto the street reading from a favorite Harry Potter book, set to inspiring music from the films. Kid Reporter Adedayo Perkovich from Brooklyn, NY covered this magical moment!

A Kid’s View of the Democratic Convention

Maxwell Surprenant, July 28, 2016

Kid Reporters Adedayo Perkovich and Maxwell Surprenant traveled to Philadelphia, PA in July to go behind-the-scenes at the Democratic National Convention. While in town, they listened to speeches, talked to politicians, voters, and celebrities, and even got tips from pro journalists, including Chris Hayes, host of All In With Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

A Kid Gets the Scoop at the Republican Convention

Kyra O’Connor, July 21, 2016

Ohio hosted the 2016 Republican National Convention in July, so Kid Reporters Kyra O’Connor and Lilian Jochmann traveled to Cleveland to catch all the action. Throughout the week, Kyra and Lilian explored the arena and visited the convention floor, where they spoke with politicians and delegates. The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps was even featured in The New York Times for its coverage of the Convention!

The Willis Clan: More Than A Band

Connor Vijayapal, July 11, 2016

The Willis Clan is more than just a band—it’s a group made up of 12 siblings ranging in age from 5 to 24! Kid Reporter Connor Vijayapal interviewed the musical family when they were in town performing at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.