6 times Dog Man taught us kindness

Emily Morrow  //  Nov 13, 2018

6 times Dog Man taught us kindness

We know kids love Dog Man books because they make them laugh out loud, but in between Petey's hijinks and Dog Man's heroics, there's also a lot of heart in the bestselling graphic novel series. On World Kindness Day and everyday we're reminded by these Pilkey Power messages that being hero doesn't mean you're perfect, it means you choose to do the right thing.

Here are six times that the Dog Man series reminded us how important it is to be kind and to love each other:

1. When Dog Man comforts Chief after he's had a bad day

2. When Petey reminds Li'l Petey that it's important to be yourself

3. When Chief reminds us that it's important to forgive our friends because everyone makes mistakes

4. When Yolay reminds Li'l Petey that you don't have to be perfect, you just have to be good

5. When Petey shows us how important it is to tell people you care about them

6. When Li'l Petey reminds us that even if the world feels cold, cruel, and unforgiving, we have to be good, kind, honest, happy, and creative anyway.