5 reasons to love the new Geronimo Stilton book (and a bonus excerpt for your reader!)

Guest Blogger  //  Mar 28, 2018

5 reasons to love the new Geronimo Stilton book (and a bonus excerpt for your reader!)

The Geronimo Stilton line of international bestselling books has long been a bookshelf staple for growing readers, parents, teachers, and librarians. With more than 39 million books in print, numerous arcs that feature diverse and exciting themes, and colorful interior spreads that support education and literacy, there is truly a Geronimo Stilton book for every type of reader.

This month, Scholastic celebrates the release of a special edition Geronimo Stilton hardcover, The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost. This newest story in the series features a thrilling adventure in which Geronimo Stilton shares important lessons about modern and ancient Rome, all while solving another thrilling mystery. Following the style of all books on the Geronimo line, this story can stand independently from others in the series, and serves as a great introduction to those who are unfamiliar with this adventuring mouse. For fans of the series, The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost is a dive back into the delightful world of Geronimo.

5 Reasons to Love Geronimo Stilton's The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost (Ages 7-10)

To celebrate the release of The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost, Scholastic is highlighting five reasons why we love this book, and are providing a look at the first chapter, so you can share it today with your reader! 

  1. Colorful and engaging interiors. With colorful art and text embellishments on each interior spread, The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost keeps readers (even reluctant readers!) engaged and eager to dive into each page
  2. Fascinating facts on ancient and modern Rome. This book weaves nonfiction facts into a fun, fictional storyline. It’s a great companion for any reader learning about history or geography in the classroom, and for readers with an interest in travel and Italian culture.
  3. Tools for readers to retain historical facts. The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost is particularly valuable for readers who find it challenging to relate to historical events. In this story, Geronimo guides his nephew, Benjamin (who is struggling to excel in his history class), through history, by highlighting tips and tricks to better connect with historical facts. As Geronimo tells his nephew: “History isn’t dead—it’s alive, and it’s fabumouse!”
  4. A bonus interactive mystery game. At the end of The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost, readers are invited as active participants into Geronimo’s next adventure, through a bonus mystery story and game. Readers are asked questions on mystery clues, and will learn where they rank as investigators based on what they discovered.
  5. More bonus material, including a pizza recipe and shareable jokes. Your reader can take their experience with The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost from page to the real world, with giggle-inducing jokes that they can share with friends, and a pizza recipe that your entire family can try at home.


To get your child started with the newest Geronimo Stilton book, share the first chapter below of The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost with your reader!