3 reasons kids gaming books are summer must-reads

Guest Blogger  //  Jun 22, 2018

3 reasons kids gaming books are summer must-reads

Guest blog post by Ashley Cooke, Trade Marketing

As video games continue to captivate kids around the world, Scholastic AFK—or ‘Away From Keyboard’books aim to harness that gaming passion, and convert it into a literacy tool! 

With a number of books featuring stories about popular video games (including Five Nights at Freddy’s, Pokémon, World of Warcraft, and more), here are 3 reasons why AFK books are a great choice for readers who plan to spend the summer immersed in their favorite gaming worlds:

1. AFK gaming books can combat the summer slide

Each summer, parents, teachers, and librarians work to combat what’s known as the “summer slide,” to prevent the knowledge that kids learned during the school year—including literacy skills—from slipping out of practice. AFK books strive to grow a love of reading (and to encourage readers to pick up books in the summer months), by meeting kids in the worlds they are already passionate for—the world of video games!

2. They encourage screen-free time

According to the Entertainment Software Association, 71% of parents consider games to have a positive influence in their child’s life. Many families have noted the development benefits (problem-solving, coordination, and strategy skills) of gaming, and balance gaming use with dedicated screen-free time. For gamers who are more reluctant to put down their devices and controllers, AFK books can be used to encourage them to embrace screen-free hours—after all, it’s here that kids can continue to enjoy the gaming adventures while screens are off!

3.  They create a gaming space that’s free of bullying

While increased socialization (as well as development of collaboration and listening skills), have been cited by parents as benefits of video games to kids, the issue of cyberbullying is an important consideration for many gamer families. As parents find ways to balance online supervision and reduce the risk of bullying, Scholastic AFK books provide a controlled environment, where kids can experience their favorite games within a safe and transparent space.

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