24 Scholastic Parents posts to read this month

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 23, 2018

24 Scholastic Parents posts to read this month

Our Scholastic Parents blogs, Raise a Reader and The Learning Toolkit, offer readers everything from fun craft projects to book recommendations — here are some recent posts that you should be sure to bookmark and read this month! 

New Book Lists

Read-Alikes: What to Read After the Diary of a Wimpy Kid SeriesDid your reluctant reader fall in love with this LOL-worthy series? Here are eight titles to try next.               

7 Books to Inspire Young InventorsTeach your younger child to imagine, dream, and create through the characters and stories within these picture books.          

12 Teddy Bear Books to Read With Your ChildEncourage your kids to cuddle up tight with their favorite teddy to enjoy our best book picks featuring bears!

Children’s Books That Hit the Big ScreenAnd, action! Check out this hand-curated list of perfect page to screen titles from Scholastic librarian Deimosa Webber-Bey — great for all ages.

Early Learning 

Discover the Best Kinds of Books for Your BabyFind out which types of books should be in your little one's new library, as well as helpful read-aloud tips!

5 Ways to Build Reading Skills While Playing With BlocksBuild towers, railroad tracks, castles — and literacy skills, too.

5 Word Games to Help Preschoolers Get Ready to Read: Use these playful activities to get your preschooler engaged with language, and more prepared for kindergarten.

Literacy Building and More

7 Activities When Creating Your Child's Vocabulary JournalEncourage your little learner to keep a book of newly discovered words and watch her vocabulary grow.

A Kid-Friendly Guide to New Reading Genres: Explore 10 genres of books with your child, along with recommended reads for each one.

A Crossword of Quotes by Historical African Americans:  Use this crossword puzzle to start a conversation with your child about influential men and women who helped change history.

6 Ways Cooking With Kids Can Boost Literacy Skills: Cooking with your kids can be a delicious learning experience — for all of you!

How Humor Can Get Reluctant Readers HookedDiscover why funny books can help struggling readers want to read.

6 Inexpensive Ways to Build a Home LibraryExplore budget-friendly ideas for adding to your child's home library.

11 Bits of Trivia About Kids' Favorite Books & Authors:  Share some of these lesser-known facts with your young reader.

6 Ways to Fit in Read-Aloud Time With Your Child on Busy Days: Your family's days are jam-packed, but there are still moments to enjoy reading with your child. Get started with these great ideas.

Math, Science and Crafts

Winter Weather Fun: Cold Air Balloon Kids' ExperimentSeeking a snow day activity? Blow up balloons in the snow with help from a few pantry items, and teach your kids about the reactions.

Build a Math Library With These Recommended ReadsGet suggestions for books by grade level to help your child grasp math concepts. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Teach This Math-Themed Twist on Rock, Paper, Scissors: Playing this fun, family-friendly game can help deepen your child’s number sense — and love of math!

4 Math Games to Boost Geometry KnowledgeTry these activities to help your child grow a better understanding of geometry — at every age.

Tell Stories Through Pictures With Magazine Collages: Your pre-reader can develop literacy skills using this step-by-step art and storytelling activity.

Glow Stick Science Experiment For KidsHow do glow sticks work? Explore their chemistry by comparing what happens when you submerge them in different temperatures.


How to Use Fruits & Veggies to Make StampsTeach your child about symmetry and turn patterns into prints with this simple art-meets-nature science project. 

Digital Learning Tools 

7 Fun Alphabet Learning Apps for PreschoolersMake screen time fun and educational with this curated collection of alphabet apps for pre-readers.

5 Cool Apps & Websites to Research Family History With Your KidsEngage your children with the story of your very own family history with this collection of online genealogy resources.