11 places not to talk to a stranger about books

Megan Kaesshaefer  //  Dec 11, 2013

11 places not to talk to a stranger about books

I loved reading this genius roundup on BuzzFeed Books: 14 Places to Talk to a Stranger About Books. On the list: the bus stop, the DMV, a bookstore, an elevator, the airport, and a Laundromat. Each is an environment I typically associate with waiting, boredom, and the omnipresence of strangers. So why not talk about books?

It got me thinking, what about the places that aren't conducive to this kind of bookish conversation? What about the places not to talk to strangers about books? The bloggers and I put our heads together to create such a list. So, you heard it from us first: if you find yourself in one of the below scenarios, situations, or locations, don't talk about books with strangers. Trust us. 

A wake, for obvious reasons.

During a massage. 

At the movies. (Silence is golden.)

In the delivery room. Focus on the imminent arrival of the baby instead. Priorities. 

In the middle of a dance-off. 

During a dermatologist screening. Ok, during any medical examination really. 

In line to refill your Metro card. (The train is on its way, people!)

At the CIA.

At a surprise party, pre surprise. 

During a séance. Unless of course the spirit you are summoning wants to talk books.

A monastery, particularly while there is a vow of silence invoked. Awwwkward. 

Any others to add to our list? Share them here!

image via Trevor Coultart.