10 readers on what the power of story means to them

Mackenzie Cutruzzula  //  Jun 18, 2019

10 readers on what the power of story means to them

Last year, we launched the Power of Story initiative with the goal of helping readers of all ages discover diverse books, giving them the opportunity to see themselves and their communities reflected, to read widely, and to understand and expand their world.

This began with a Power of Story catalog, a selection of highlights of upcoming and classic tiles spanning the breadth of our publishing history that represent diversity of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical and mental abilities.

But we know that the true power of story is so much more than a list of books. The power lies within a story's ability to empower us, to transport us to new worlds, introduce us to new characters, and — perhaps most important of all — to connect us.

We asked our social media followers what the power of story means to them. Here's what they had to say:

Sonia A.: To me it means the opportunity to change lives.

Theodra T.: It means with one story, you can gain so much power of knowlege.

Neha P.: Connects with others and binds us together.

Yoshika G.: Stories transport me to a place where I can dream and continue to feed my imagination.

Maria P.: Helps us understand other perspectives and build empathy.

Chrissie J.: Let's me see other perspectives.

Tyler P.: Helps us teach others

Stacey B.: Our stories connect us all.

JJ W.: The power of story can promote so much: acceptance, understanding, hope, sorrow, happiness, and peace!

Sujata M.: The power of story teaches us the power of imagination and dreams.