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10 books perfect for Taurus

Mackenzie Cutruzzula  //  Apr 22, 2019

10 books perfect for Taurus

April showers bring May flowers, but the months also bring Taurus Season (April 20 – May 20)!

Just like their symbol, the bull, Taurus-born are strong and stubborn. They keep their eyes locked on the prize, and they remain concentrated on long-term goals. It can be hard for Taurus to step outside their comfort zone, but once they do, they’re able to loosen up a bit from their persistent habits.

Sensible and trustworthy, the Bulls make for amazing friends who can be an anchor in your life. Bulls are brave and bold, and for that fortune favors them. While they can be indulgent, Taureans are willing to work hard for their reward.   

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Taurus as a protagonist: With a Taurus at the center of a story, it’s bound to be an interesting one! Their storylines could include working to achieve their lifelong goal of winning the science fair or refusing to give up on having a composting station installed in the cafeteria.

How you save the day: A Taurus’ ambition is a reliable trait to save the day. These Bulls are too stubborn to give up until they’ve won. Using their determination, they won’t let failure stop them from trying every possible option.

The sign of your sidekick: Cancer

Perfect books for the Taurus in your life: We’ve rounded up books perfect for the Bulls in your life. Filled with determined protagonists that Bulls will enjoy!

Picture Books (4-7)

Young Readers (5-10) 

Middle Grade (8-12) 

Young Adult (12+)