Start reading Pixel Raiders: Dig World

Emily Morrow  //  Mar 9, 2018

Scholastic Reads Podcast

On the podcast: Talking with kids about school violence and trauma

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Our first kid reporters

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Inspiring diversity in STEM

Guest Blogger  //  Mar 6, 2018

Read an excerpt of Peachy and Keen: A School Tail

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Scholastic News Kids Press Corps

The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is accepting Kid Reporter applications!

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Q&A with acclaimed author Shannon Hitchcock!

Brooke Shearouse  //  Feb 28, 2018

New Releases

Celebrating February 27th book releases from Scholastic!

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Live from Our Library

Live from Our Library: Celebrating African American Voices in Children’s Literature

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Scholastic Reads Podcast

On the podcast: Sayantani DasGupta and The Serpent's Secret

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24 Scholastic Parents posts to read this month

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Meet Clem Hetherington in the Graphix Takeover

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Remembering and reading children’s books as an adult

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Start reading Melowy: Dreams Come True

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Scholastic News Kids Press Corps

Live from the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: A Kid Reporter goes behind-the-scenes!

Stephanie Agresti  //  Feb 16, 2018