5 questions with Sarah Mlynowski

Megan Kaesshaefer  February 26th, 2014  Comments • 1

Author Sarah Mlynowski recently stopped by our offices to chat with us about her Whatever After series, her love of fairy tales, and what's on her mind. We thought we'd...

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A day devoted to fabulous fairy tales

Emma Brockway  February 26th, 2014 

Today is National “Tell a Fairy Tale Day,” my new favorite holiday. For as long as I can remember, fairy tales have always held a special place in my heart. As a child, I...

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Counting the books

Michael Strouse  February 25th, 2014  Comments • 1

What is it like to spend the night in a bookstore?

I know you all are conjuring up images of comfy sleeping bags, soft lighting and quiet reading before drifting...

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20,000 of America’s teachers share their views on teaching in an era of change

Lia Zneimer  February 25th, 2014  Comments • 2

Why do teachers teach? What resources do teachers need to best meet the needs of their students? Do teachers find their evaluations helpful? How is technology changing the...

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Tomorrow: what do teachers love about teaching? What are their challenges?

Morgan Baden  February 24th, 2014 

We asked 20,000 teachers for their thoughts on the rewards and challenges of teaching. Tomorrow, we'll be revealing the data over on the Scholastic Teachers Facebook page...

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Tonight! Join Pam Allyn on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page

Morgan Baden  February 24th, 2014 

We're getting ready for World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) on March 5, and to help get in the spirit, Pam Allyn, founder of LitWorld and the creator of WRAD, will be taking over...

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In Our Feeds: hats, ambitious readers, and childhood books

Nadia Almahdi  February 21st, 2014 

Each Friday, we share a handful of links we found interesting, provocative, funny — or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a good weekend!

Celebrate International Mother Language Day with a book

Kristen Joerger  February 21st, 2014  Comments • 1

Today is International Mother Language Day, a day that celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity throughout the world. While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how many...

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Snow days don't have to mean no-school days

Tyler Reed  February 21st, 2014  Comments • 1

If you're from the Northeast, this isn't news to you: It's been a brutal winter.

Scholastic Art & Writing Award–winning work travels to Pittsburgh, where it all began...

Lia Zneimer  February 20th, 2014 

It's a special month for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards as their Art.Write.Now.Tour—a stunning traveling exhibition of more than 130 pieces of Award–winning work—...

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Congratulations, March Star Readers!

Nadia Almahdi  February 20th, 2014 

Scholastic Reading Club is excited to share the March Star Readers! These book worms were selected to be featured in a Reading Club flyer for their grade

I SURVIVED: Readers can pick the next book!

Guest Blogger  February 19th, 2014  Comments • 41

Welcome Harmonie Rosenberg to OOM! She's guest blogging today with a pretty exciting announcement...  

Cultivating wild readers

Megan Kaesshaefer  February 19th, 2014 

Book Whisperer Donalyn Miller recently shared with Scholastic's Instructor magazine her strategies for building a love of learning in students. We've...

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On her birthday, an ode to Toni Morrison

Megan Kaesshaefer  February 18th, 2014 

"I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it."

And so began Toni Morrison's writing career. Decades later, she is one of the most renowned authors of our...

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Scholastic takes home "Best Community Engagement" for social media efforts

Morgan Baden  February 18th, 2014 

We woke up to some great news this morning: Scholastic has won "Best Community Engagement" from Ragan's PR Daily!

OOM commemorates Black History Month

Emma Brockway  February 18th, 2014 

One of my earliest memories from elementary school is writing a report on legendary athlete and civil rights pioneer Jackie Robinson. As a child, I was amazed by Robinson’...

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Embedded thumbnail for Reading with Meryl Davis & Charlie White, Olympic Gold Medalists!

Reading with Meryl Davis & Charlie White, Olympic Gold Medalists!

Morgan Baden  February 18th, 2014 

I watched three hours of the Winter Olympics last night -- something I normally don't do! -- just to make sure I didn't miss the ice dancing competition. Why? Because ever...

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In Our Feeds: Valentine's Day, Olympics, and snow!

Kristen Joerger  February 14th, 2014 

Each Friday, we share a handful of links we found interesting, provocative, funny—or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a good weekend!

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Do you have book fear?

Nadia Almahdi  February 14th, 2014 

Earlier this week, while Jess was helping me decide what book to read next (one of many reasons why having a librarian in your life is awesome!) she asked me, “Do you have...

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Our BIG valentine!

Guest Blogger  February 14th, 2014  Comments • 7

Happy Valentine’s Day—and Happy Birthday, Clifford!

Genre-crossed lovers

Megan Kaesshaefer  February 13th, 2014 

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. Daisy and Gatsby. Winnie and Jesse. Heathcliff and Catherine. Romeo and Juliet...

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Tonight: Twitter party with Elizabeth Eulberg!

Morgan Baden  February 13th, 2014 

Who needs a Valentine, anyway? We're hosting a Twitter party tonight (7pm ET) with Elizabeth Eulberg and This is Teen. You should totally join.

Library lovers month: 3 reasons to celebrate

Michael Barrett  February 12th, 2014  Comments • 1

Book nerds, rejoice!

It’s “Library Lovers’ Month.”

Sure, this week is full of cupids, romantic cards and candy, but it’s time to send a big ol’ Valentine to...

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Calling all kids: Announcing the STACKS Winter Reading Games!

Guest Blogger  February 12th, 2014 

We love the Olympic Games, but why should athletes get all the glory? At the STACKS, Scholastic’s website for kids ages 8-12, we believe readers deserve a major stage to...

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Everything you need to celebrate Presidents' Day

Lia Zneimer  February 12th, 2014 

Presidents' Day—which honors the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln—was implemented in 1879 for government offices in Washington, D.C. The first federal...

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