Too many books, too little shelf space

Emily Morrow  May 19th, 2017 

Our book-loving bloggers share the creative ways they organize their book collections! 

Reflecting on the end of the school year

Deimosa Webber-Bey  May 18th, 2017 

The last month of school is a bookend, just as defining as the beginning. As teachers, we start the year sharing our expectations and setting classroom routines, as well...

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Throwback Thursday: Happy (and some not-so-happy) campers!

Gina Asprocolas  May 18th, 2017 

Welcome to our Throwback Thursday series! After a short hiatus, we are back and just in time for summer... the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, that...

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My New Way of Thinking About What to Read Aloud

Julia Graeper  May 17th, 2017 

Lately I've been compelled to broaden my horizons when it comes to choosing a bedtime story.

May is Latino Books Month!

Loribelle Lapaix  May 17th, 2017 

Latino Books Month celebrates Latino authors and illustrators, books that highlight Latino culture and Latin American identity and promotes literacy amongst Latinos.

The real story about summer reading: Insight from the Kids & Family Reading Report

Michael Barrett  May 16th, 2017 

Myth busted! Contrary to popular belief, a majority of kids enjoy summer reading, but they need support from families, educators and the larger community.

Summer Reading Challenge: One week, five million minutes!

Gina Asprocolas  May 15th, 2017 

One week down, 17 go!

That's right, we just finished the first week of Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge and so far (as of 1:27PM ET), kids have logged...

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Student from Buffalo, NY Wins 2017 Junior Scholastic® Can You Find Mapman®? Contest

Stephanie Agresti  May 15th, 2017 

Every year, students from across the country and around the world participate in the Junior Scholastic® "Can You Find Mapman®?" contest,...

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Meet the artists: Scholastic Art & Writing Awards winners Kate Forer and Sam Zanowski

Michael Barrett  May 12th, 2017 

This year's 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognized 16 high school seniors who received the program’s highest national honor, the Gold Medal Portfolio, which...

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Celebrating Mother's Day!

Brooke Shearouse  May 12th, 2017 

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and here on OOM we’re taking time to honor and celebrate mothers by reading some great books from Scholastic. Check out the list below and let...

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On the podcast: Meet the Kids Press

Emily Morrow  May 11th, 2017 

Allow us to introduce you to the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps!

Map: If your state were a country…

Brittany Sullivan  May 11th, 2017 

It’s time for a quick economics lesson! Similar to every country around the world, every state in the U.S. has a gross domestic product (GDP)—the total value of goods...

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Literary memories of our moms

Morgan Baden  May 11th, 2017 

Every night my toddler chooses four books to read before bed. We’ve been reading to her since birth per the recommendations, and now, two and a half years into it, it’s...

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Career Corner: A May Roundup of Scholastic Jobs

Julia Graeper  May 10th, 2017 

This month, Scholastic has some new job postings highlighted as part of our regular "Career Corner" series.

Klutz wants to help you celebrate a handmade Mother's Day

Emily Morrow  May 10th, 2017 

Mother's Day is almost here, and our friends at Klutz are encouraging families everywhere to celebrate with handmade gifts! Each day this week, they're sharing craft-...

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10 reasons we LOVE teachers!

Nicole Ortiz  May 9th, 2017 

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day! And to celebrate, we wanted to share just a few reasons why teachers are so special. 

Celebrating May 9 book releases from Scholastic!

Brooke Shearouse  May 9th, 2017 

Today on OOM we’re celebrating some book birthdays for new releases from Scholastic, out today! Check out the list below of great reads for all ages, and let us know what...

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The 5 fictional teachers we wish were real

Emily Morrow  May 8th, 2017 

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Scholastic LOVES teachers, so we're celebrating all week long.

ICYMI: First look flyer: Scholastic Reading Club - May 2017

Nicole Ortiz  May 8th, 2017 

The Scholastic Reading Club “Book Boys” hosted our monthly "First Look Flyer” Facebook Live on Friday to help parents and educators find some great reads through the...

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Join the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge (and a giveaway!)

Alexandra Wladich  May 8th, 2017  Comments • 40

Get ready to start reading! The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is officially open!

Scholastic author Eric Litwin visits Jo Ann Ford Elementary School

Josephine Djonovic  May 5th, 2017 

Eric Litwin, author of the original four Pete the Cat books and the new Groovy Joe musical series books, visited Jo Ann Ford Elementary School in Georgetown, TX to help...

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Missed YALLWEST 2017? Here are some highlights

Guest Blogger  May 5th, 2017 

What happens when you mix 20,000 people and 100 authors (plus a few dozen palm trees) at Santa Monica, California? YALLWEST! The west-coast book festival kicked...

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Meet the artists: Scholastic Art & Writing Awards winners Megan Cox and Bronwyn Katz

Josephine Djonovic  May 5th, 2017 

This year's 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognized 16 high school seniors who received the program’s highest national honor, the Gold Medal Portfolio, which...

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On the podcast: Emma Donoghue and The Lotterys Plus One

Emily Morrow  May 4th, 2017 

This week on the podcast, we sat down with Emma Donoghue, the acclaimed author of Room, to talk about her newest book for kids, The Lotterys Plus One....

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Celebrate Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You!

Brooke Shearouse  May 4th, 2017 

We here at OOM love a good pun. We are also huge fans of Star Wars. You can imagine how excited we are to be celebrating Star Wars Day...

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