New podcast episode: Edwidge Danticat

Suzanne McCabe  July 12th, 2016 

We're honored to have Edwidge Danticat join us for our latest Scholastic Reads podcast episode. 

Pokémon Go mania!

Brooke Shearouse  July 12th, 2016 

Here at OOM we’re a little obsessed with the new “Pokémon Go” mobile game. In case you haven’t heard, the game allows players to capture, battle and train virtual Pokémon ...

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My 5 favorite books featuring gymnasts

Morgan Baden  July 11th, 2016 

Every four years, it hits me: gymnastics mania.

I LOVE Olympic gymnastics. I follow the sport sporadically in between the Games, but fervently...

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Seeing the world through art: A "My Bookprint" guest post

Guest Blogger  July 11th, 2016  Comments • 3

We're thrilled to have three summer interns in the Corporate Communications team, all of whom will be blogging right here throughout the months ahead. Today we have...

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American Girl fans, you'll love this news!

Morgan Baden  July 8th, 2016 

Who among us hasn't loved or known someone who's loved the iconic American Girl brand?

5-word book reviews: July edition

Morgan Baden  July 7th, 2016 

With so many books out in the world it can be hard to know what to read. And since we're all busy, sometimes a short book review is just what you need to help you figure...

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112 million minutes and counting!

Megan Kaesshaefer  July 6th, 2016 

Kids from around the world have logged an impressive 112 million minutes so far across nine weeks of the Summer Reading Challenge! We crunched some...

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Boredom busters

Guest Blogger  July 5th, 2016 

Listen, it's good for kids to be bored sometimes. (Some psychologists even recommend it!)

In Our Feeds: Harry Potter beach accessories, ice cream art, and authors' unexpected day jobs

Megan Kaesshaefer  July 1st, 2016 

Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great (long and patriotic) weekend!...

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Our newest author is a mere 9 years old!

Morgan Baden  June 30th, 2016 

A real-life Harriet the Spy? Yes, please!

The life and legacy of Cecil the Lion

Brooke Shearouse  June 29th, 2016 

In commemoration of the anniversary of the death of Cecil the Lion, NPR’s “Here and Now” interviewed Cecil’s Pride author Craig Hatkoff and photographer/...

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New podcast episode: Drag it up with Jeffery Self!

Megan Kaesshaefer  June 29th, 2016 

In honor of Pride Month, we invited author and actor Jeffery Self to join us on the podcast to talk about his new YA debut, Drag Teen. The brilliantly-funny book...

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Free resources to celebrate the Fourth of July

Alexandra Wladich  June 29th, 2016 

Celebrate the Fourth of July by having the children in your life learn more about famous figures from U.S history, the American flag and system of government with these...

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5 books that make perfect graduation gifts

Guest Blogger  June 28th, 2016 

This post was written by Emily Bowman, a summer intern in the Corporate Communications department.

Wings of Fire Darkstalker is here!

Brooke Shearouse  June 28th, 2016 

Today on OOM we’re celebrating the publication of Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends), the highly anticipated origin story/prequel to the bestselling middle-...

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Scholastic at ALA 2016

Gina Asprocolas  June 28th, 2016 

This past weekend was the American Library Association's Annual Conference and Exhibition. This year, publishers, writers, librarians, artists and other...

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Hamilton star loves Harry Potter

Morgan Baden  June 28th, 2016 

I mean, who doesn't, right?


When you tweet about your dad selling your Harry Potter books but @Scholastic follows you on...

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You're invited: a special screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Megan Kaesshaefer  June 27th, 2016 

Just announced this morning: J.K. Rowling will join Academy Award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne on stage at Carnegie Hall on November 12th, 2016,...

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In Our Feeds: Cursive, Jimmy Fallon, Monopoly and BFFs 4eva

Julia Graeper  June 24th, 2016 

Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!


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It's official: Kids have clocked 100 million summer reading minutes!

Megan Kaesshaefer  June 24th, 2016 

Seven weeks into the Summer Reading Challenge and kids have logged an impressive 100 million reading minutes so far! Our Book Fairs team is celebrating...

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12 Book-Based Activity Kits to Keep Your Kids Busy This Travel Season

Guest Blogger  June 23rd, 2016 

One of summer’s biggest challenges is keeping your kids engaged and entertained, and as all parents know, kids are synonymous with energy. As families prepare to travel,...

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Throwback Thursday: Summer fun

Gina Asprocolas  June 23rd, 2016 

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! For this week's post, we're celebrating the official start of summer (the Summer Solstice was this past Monday!) with some vintage...

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Celebrate LGBT Pride

Brooke Shearouse  June 22nd, 2016 

Today on OOM we’re celebrating LGBT Pride Month with a roundup of some new books from Scholastic featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender...

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Finding me: LGBTQ Books for Kids

Michael Barrett  June 21st, 2016 

June is LGBTQ Pride Month and, more than ever, we need to celebrate and embrace our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender friends and family members.

New edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming in 2017!

Julia Graeper  June 21st, 2016 

Today we announced that a brand-new edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be published in March 2017! The 2017 edition will have a new...

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