Reading YA in College

Anushka Mehrotra  January 18th, 2017 

The thing about being an English major is that, in college, while you get to read a lot of the classics and Pulitzer prize winners, there’s a high chance you haven’t...

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Join in Teach Graphix Week!

Emily Morrow  January 17th, 2017 
Next week is #TeachGRAPHIXWeek, a week-long celebration of graphic novels that will include a live broadcast, Skype calls with Graphix authors and illustrators, free teaching... Read more

Moving Day: What about books?

Michael Barrett  January 13th, 2017 

"Once upon a time...”

This is how many of the first stories my mother read aloud to me as a child began. The plot most likely played out as follows: protagonist...

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Books for Friday the 13th

Josephine Djonovic  January 13th, 2017 

TGIF! Oh wait. It’s Friday the 13th!

6 new book trailers you won't want to miss

Emily Morrow  January 13th, 2017 

I am totally the kind of person who thinks the trailers are the best part of going to the movies. So it's probably no surprise that I'm also into book trailers! Here are...

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Career Corner: A January Roundup of Scholastic Jobs

Julia Graeper  January 12th, 2017 

Happy New Year! Scholastic has some new job postings, which we've highlighted as part of our regular "Career Corner" series. Perhaps you'd be the right fit for one!

7 ways to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in your classroom

Emily Morrow  January 11th, 2017 

This year, we're celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. on January 16. We've rounded up some of our teaching resources to help you start conversations in the...

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A winter wonderland of books!

Brooke Shearouse  January 10th, 2017 

Now that the light breezes of fall have turned into bitter cold winds of winter, there’s nothing we want to do more than stay at home and curl up with a good book. To feel...

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First look flyer: Scholastic Reading Club - January 2017

Nicole Ortiz  January 6th, 2017 
The Scholastic Reading Club “Book Boys” hosted our monthly "First Look Flyer” Facebook Live today to help parents and educators find some great reads through the Scholastic... Read more

Reading resolutions 2017

Gina Asprocolas  January 5th, 2017 

New year, new resolutions, new you!

Here on OOM we like to share with you our reading resolutions for the year. Some of us (like me!) aim to read...

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On the podcast: Dav Pilkey on using humor to get kids reading

Emily Morrow  January 4th, 2017 

Dav Pilkey is the award-winning author of the Captain Underpants series. This week, he joined us in the studio to introduce his newest laugh-out-loud...

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Great reads for Star Wars fans

Brooke Shearouse  January 4th, 2017 

We at Scholastic can’t stop talking about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first film in the Star Wars Anthology series. To tide us over while we wait for the...

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We're celebrating new releases from Scholastic, out today!

Brooke Shearouse  January 3rd, 2017 

Today on OOM we’re celebrating some book birthdays for new releases from Scholastic, out today! Check out the list below of great reads for all ages, and let us know what...

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End of the year reading bingo recap

Deimosa Webber-Bey  December 29th, 2016 

In 2016 I didn’t read a book written by a teenager, a book set in South America (well, I counted it in my Eisner square), a book with a dog on the cover, a book written by...

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Happy book birthdays to new releases from Scholastic!

Brooke Shearouse  December 27th, 2016 

Today on OOM we’re celebrating some book birthdays for new releases from Scholastic, out today! Check out the list below of great reads for all ages, and let us know what...

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Throwback Thursday: Happy holidays

Gina Asprocolas  December 22nd, 2016 
The holidays are here! Hanukkah begins Saturday night, Christmas is this Sunday, and Kwanzaa begins Monday night.

Books for Nguzo Saba: the seven principles of Kwanzaa

Deimosa Webber-Bey  December 20th, 2016 

This year marks the 50th birthday of Kwanzaa, founded in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga.

Top trends in children's books for 2017

Michael Barrett  December 20th, 2016 

Scholastic Reading Club editors make their 2017 predictions of the "must reads" in children's books.

Books for everyone! Listen in to our holiday employee book fair

Emily Morrow  December 19th, 2016 

If you've been wondering what books everyone else is gifting this holiday season, look no further! Last week, Scholastic hosted its annual employee book fair, and our...

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Happy howl-idays from Dog Man!

Morgan Baden  December 19th, 2016 

Coming next week: the second book in Dav Pilkey's Dog Man! We love this adorable holiday-themed reminder to get your read on this festive season. Enjoy, and check out the...

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What was YOUR favorite Harry Potter moment of the year? A magical giveaway

Morgan Baden  December 16th, 2016  Comments • 270

Our week of Harry Potter magic is coming to a close, and we hope you've had as magical a year as we have. Now, after looking back on our favorite Harry moments of 2016, we...

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Great books to get in the holiday spirit!

Brooke Shearouse  December 16th, 2016 

Here at OOM we’re counting down the days to the holidays. To help get in the spirit and make the days feel quicker, we’re reading some great books from Scholastic. Check...

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Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Anushka Mehrotra  December 16th, 2016 

Today, December 16th 2016, would have been Jane Austen’s 241st Birthday. Given that she was born in 1775, it is astounding that Jane is still so relevant today, with...

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Live from our library: best books for the holiday season

Deimosa Webber-Bey  December 15th, 2016 

Are you wondering what book is going to be the winning gift this holiday season? Or, are you looking for a few books that you can read aloud or share that celebrate...

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Looking back at the 2016 Celebration of Harry Potter

Morgan Baden  December 14th, 2016 

Each January, Universal Studios in Orlando hosts a weekend-long celebration of all things Harry.