Why today's Google Doodle has us buzzing

Guest Blogger  June 16th, 2014  Comments • 3

If you’re a Google user, by now you’ve seen their fun, soccer-themed logos honoring the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But today’s Google Doodle (June 16) really got our attention...

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Deimosa Webber-Bey  June 13th, 2014 

June is National Caribbean American Heritage Month, dear to me because I come from both Barbuda and St. Croix through my grandfathers.  In college I was...

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In Our Feeds: the best literary parents, The Fault in Our Stars frenzy, and 17 majorly beautiful bookstores

Megan Kaesshaefer  June 13th, 2014 

Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!

It's Friday,...

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It's a Friday the 13th kind of full moon

Megan Kaesshaefer  June 13th, 2014 

Today is Friday the 13th and there's a full moon in the sky. I'm not supersticious or anything, but it just seems like a lot for one day, right? I can tell you right now...

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Remembering Anne Frank

Lia Zneimer  June 12th, 2014 

On this date in 1942, a German girl by the name of Anne Frank received an autograph book for her 13th birthday. "Writing in a diary is a really strange experience for...

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Father's Day books and resources

Morgan Baden  June 12th, 2014 

This Sunday marks Father's Day! My gift for my dad is on its way, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect gift for my husband, a dad-to-be (our first baby is due in the...

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Celebrating the start of the World Cup

Emma Brockway  June 12th, 2014 

Today is the first day of the World Cup, the world’s preeminent soccer competition that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is hosting this year. As someone unfamiliar with the World...

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Maurice Sendak in his own words

Suzanne McCabe  June 10th, 2014 

"Did you hear Sendak when he came to Scholastic?" our librarian asked me.

"Yes! He was irascible!"

"He was everything!" she replied. Irritable. Irate. Ill-...

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We're spicing up summer reading with a Google+ hangout

Megan Kaesshaefer  June 10th, 2014 

Parents, does this scenario sound familiar? Your child ends the school year on a high note, excited about reading, ready to dive into new books, and consistently falling...

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Reading through the zoo

Michael Strouse  June 10th, 2014 

June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month.

My family visits the National Zoo and Aquarium every June as a Father's Day tradition. Little did we know that we were also...

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What is reading joy? How do we instill it in kids?

Morgan Baden  June 10th, 2014 

The experts -- teachers! -- took to Twitter last night to discuss #readingjoy, led by award-winning author Jen Serravallo. Jen asked questions like:



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Our summer stacks

Morgan Baden  June 9th, 2014  Comments • 1

Summer is for readers!

There's nothing better than beachside (or poolside, or lakeside) reading, in this beach-lover's opinion. I grew up at the shore, and my beach...

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Happy LGBTQ Pride month!

Michael Barrett  June 6th, 2014  Comments • 2

As an out and proud gay man, I believe it's my duty to encourage people of all ages to read about LGBTQ history and culture. It's important to learn about the numerous...

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Hooray for audiobook month!

Deimosa Webber-Bey  June 5th, 2014 

An audiobook can sub in for a read aloud in the classroom or empower a struggling reader to keep up with the books that are hot right now. They are fun in...

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On reading and FOMO

Megan Kaesshaefer  June 4th, 2014 

I consider myself to be a pretty laid back person. Sometimes I stress out about being late for work, or missing an important phone call, or finding myself in a situation...

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100 million summer reading minutes and counting

Megan Kaesshaefer  June 3rd, 2014 

At approximatley 4:15pm EST today, we hit an epic milestone. Kids have officially read 100 million minutes in the Summer Reading Challenge, beating the...

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What we talk about when we talk about BEA

Morgan Baden  June 3rd, 2014 

Last week, Book Expo America (BEA) 2014 was held at the Javits in New York City. When I say BEA feels the hugest book festival ever, I'm not exaggerating: nearly 20,000...

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Free parent resources: Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Michael Barrett  June 3rd, 2014 

Just in time for summer vacation, Scholastic unveils free summer reading resources for parents to help enhance their children’s reading and learning skills all summer long...

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Double, double toil and trouble: Witches in literature

Morgan Baden  June 2nd, 2014 

On this day in 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began.

A boy, his dog, stick figures, and read alouds

Deimosa Webber-Bey  May 30th, 2014 

With this post, I am officially breaking the first rule of book club… but I can’t help myself! Our employee reading club discussed ...

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In Our Feeds: Pizza, villains, spelling bees, and Reading Rainbow

Morgan Baden  May 30th, 2014 

Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!

4 must-read summer picture books!

Michael Strouse  May 30th, 2014 

With a 2 and 3 year old in the house, I am very invested in picture books these days. I've always, though, had a soft spot for the picture book. The format is perfect for...

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¡Feliz Mes de Libro Latino!

Deimosa Webber-Bey  May 28th, 2014 

Happy Latino Book Month!

Summer Reading Challenge update: a new milestone reached

Megan Kaesshaefer  May 27th, 2014 

Exciting news: kids have reached the third constellation milestone in the Summer Reading Challenge! After logging an impressive 63 million minutes, Leo, the lion...

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I Read YA too!

Michael Strouse  May 23rd, 2014 

This week, we've talked about the #IreadYA campaign a lot this week! There's good reason for that...we DO read YA!

More specifically for me - I read Contemporary YA...

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