Looking to be inspired? Check out Reader Leader!

Julia Graeper  October 28th, 2016 

Every time I stop by the Reader Leader blog, I read something so smart and interesting that I want to tell my friends, co-workers or husband about it. The "reader leaders...

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Watch: R.L. Stine and Dan Poblocki talk Halloween and spooky stories

Morgan Baden  October 28th, 2016 

It's tradition to involve Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine in any Halloween activities. Over the years, he's taken over Scholastic's social media accounts (multiple times!),...

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New video series: Mr. Schu Goes to the Book Fair

Alexandra Wladich  October 27th, 2016 

Today, we caught up with John Schumacher, Ambassador for School Libraries for Scholastic Book Fairs, to hear about his newest video series, Mr. Schu Goes to the...

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Throwback Thursday: Vintage scares

Gina Asprocolas  October 27th, 2016 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it's my favorite holiday to experience here at Scholastic. With all of our creepy titles from classic...

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Literary Halloween Costumes

Nicole Ortiz  October 26th, 2016 
There’s so much to love about this time of year, but my favorite thing about Halloween growing up has always been choosing my costume for the year. While reminiscing about... Read more

Celebrating new releases from Scholastic!

Brooke Shearouse  October 25th, 2016 

Today on OOM we’re celebrating some book birthdays for new releases from Scholastic, out today! Check out the list below of great reads for all ages, and let us know what...

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Abracadabra, hocus pocus, allakhazam!

Guest Blogger  October 24th, 2016 

October 25-31 is National Magic Week! Our friends at KLUTZ share a secret magic trick just for Scholastic readers. Enjoy!

Scholastic is haunted by Shadow House!

Brooke Shearouse  October 24th, 2016 

Halloween is just a week away, but it’s never too early to start celebrating the most spook-tacular holiday of the year!

Becoming financially responsible at the book fair

Guest Blogger  October 21st, 2016 

This post was written by Joanne Corrielus, the fall intern in the Corporate Communications department.

Dear teachers and friends of Scholastic...

Scholastic  October 20th, 2016 

In honor of Scholastic's anniversary today, our CEO, Dick Robinson, penned a letter thanking teachers for helping to shape and improve children's lives every...

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My bookprint: Reading at the dinner table

Guest Blogger  October 14th, 2016 

Meet Joanne Corrielus, the fall intern in Scholastic's Corporate Comunications department.

Literary Characters We’re Crushing On So Hard, It’s Spooky

Anushka Mehrotra  October 13th, 2016 

Admit it - there has been a time in your life when you opened a book and discovered a character who, for whatever reason, you fell completely head over heels for. Everyone...

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Career Corner: An October Roundup of Scholastic Jobs

Julia Graeper  October 13th, 2016 

It's that time again! We have some new job postings, which we've highlighted as part of our regular "Career Corner" series. Perhaps you'd be the right fit for one!

LGBTQ History Month for Readers

Michael Barrett  October 12th, 2016 

October is a very important month for the LGBTQIA community. Between LGBT History month, National Coming Out Day and LGBT Center Awareness Day, this is a great opportunity...

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I Have Authority Problems: My Bookprint Post

Josephine Djonovic  October 12th, 2016 

Hi readers! My name is Josephine, but most people call me Jo. I'm an Associate Publicist for Corporate Communications. Growing up I was a bit of a reluctant reader, but...

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Books for National Coming Out Day

Brooke Shearouse  October 11th, 2016 

Today on OOM we’re celebrating National Coming Out Day. Every year this day serves as a celebration of those coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (...

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Celebrating new books from Scholastic, out now!

Brooke Shearouse  October 11th, 2016 

Today on OOM we’re celebrating some book birthdays for new releases from Scholastic, out today! Check out the list below of great reads for all ages, and let us know what...

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Morgan Baden  October 11th, 2016 

I love scary books.

Matthew Reinhart presents LEGO® Pop-Up

Brooke Shearouse  October 7th, 2016 

New York Times bestselling author-artist Matthew Reinhart is a lifelong toy enthusiast whose initial career aspiration was to be a toy designer. Now one of the...

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Books and beetles

Morgan Baden  October 5th, 2016 

Fifteen years ago, Scholastic partnered with Chicken House Books, a publishing company based in the UK begun by publisher Barry Cunningham.

Flyer first look: Scholastic Reading Club October 2016

Nicole Ortiz  October 5th, 2016 
The Scholastic Reading Club “Book Boys” made a special appearance in this month’s “Flyer First Look.” They shared some of their favorite books while giving parents and... Read more

Detectives unite!: Celebrating National Mystery Series Week

Brooke Shearouse  October 4th, 2016 

It’s National Mystery Series Week, and we’re celebrating by reading some whodunits from Scholastic. Check out the list below of some thrilling series for young readers!

Free fall resources: book lists to autumn leaf activities

Alexandra Wladich  October 4th, 2016 

Fall is in the air! To help celebrate the season and engage students around learning, here are some of our favorite free fall resources from Whether it’s...

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Scholastic at New York Comic Con!

Morgan Baden  October 3rd, 2016 

New York Comic Con is almost here! The East Coast's biggest pop culture convention will be held October 6-9, and Scholastic will be there.