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Scholastic News Kid Reporter covers Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Stephanie Agresti September 19th, 2017

The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, a group of talented young journalists, ages 10–14, from across the United States and around the world, recently...

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Scholastic News Kids Press Corps welcomes 44 Kid Reporters!

Stephanie Agresti September 12th, 2017

We are excited to officially announce 44 Kid Reporters as part of the 2017–2018 Scholastic News Kids Press Corps!

*Giveaway!* Powerful partnerships with students’ families have lasting effects on student success

Stephanie Agresti August 11th, 2017

This week, Scholastic Professional announced the release of Powerful Partnerships: A Teacher’s Guide to Engaging Families for Student Success...

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K–12 educators can prepare for heading back to school with these new Scholastic Professional books

Stephanie Agresti August 7th, 2017

Scholastic has released three new professional titles with a focus on reading, family and community engagement, and...

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What was better, the book or the movie?

Stephanie Agresti August 1st, 2017

It’s a great debate of our time. What was better, the book or the movie?

Find a Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip RV stop near you!

Stephanie Agresti July 5th, 2017

The Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip RV is embarking on the second leg of its journey across the U.S.!

Top tips for teaching kids about cybersecurity

Stephanie Agresti June 16th, 2017

Cybersecurity has taken center stage. Kids are living in a time captivated by the Internet of Things and they are continually bombarded...

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Kid Reporters cover stories around the world

Stephanie Agresti June 13th, 2017

Kid Reporters from across the country and around the world cover topics that matter most to kids. In 2016–2017, the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps reported stories out...

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Get a sneak peak into a Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip RV stop!

Stephanie Agresti June 7th, 2017

A Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip RV stopped at Alfred J. Gomes Elementary School in New Bedford, MA yesterday!

The New York Times Upfront explores the art of protest

Stephanie Agresti May 31st, 2017

Visiting art museums and looking at art is one of my favorite things to do. When I look at a new piece, I try to avoid looking at the description posted beside it that...

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