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New contest! Are you the next Graphix author-artist?

Brooke Shearouse July 22nd, 2016

We are thrilled to share the news that Scholastic has announced a contest to find undiscovered talent to debut on its acclaimed Graphix imprint for children and teen...

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Scholastic at San Diego Comic Con

Brooke Shearouse July 20th, 2016

Here at OOM we’re so excited about San Diego Comic Con! The convention takes place from Thursday, July 21 to Sunday, July 24, and features comics and all aspects of the...

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A hundred plus hours in NYC: Author Anna Woltz visits New York

Brooke Shearouse July 14th, 2016

Dutch author Anna Woltz visited New York City at the end of May to promote the US release of her latest novel, and first English-translated title, A Hundred Hours of...

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Celebrating Bastille Day

Brooke Shearouse July 14th, 2016

Today on OOM we’re celebrating Bastille Day, an important holiday in France. Also known as French National Day, the celebrations honor the beginning of the French...

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Pokémon Go mania!

Brooke Shearouse July 12th, 2016

Here at OOM we’re a little obsessed with the new “Pokémon Go” mobile game. In case you haven’t heard, the game allows players to capture, battle and train virtual Pokémon ...

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The life and legacy of Cecil the Lion

Brooke Shearouse June 29th, 2016

In commemoration of the anniversary of the death of Cecil the Lion, NPR’s “Here and Now” interviewed Cecil’s Pride author Craig Hatkoff and photographer/...

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Wings of Fire Darkstalker is here!

Brooke Shearouse June 28th, 2016

Today on OOM we’re celebrating the publication of Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends), the highly anticipated origin story/prequel to the bestselling middle-...

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Celebrate LGBT Pride

Brooke Shearouse June 22nd, 2016

Today on OOM we’re celebrating LGBT Pride Month with a roundup of some new books from Scholastic featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender...

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Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Day with Cynthia Lord!

Brooke Shearouse April 29th, 2016

We caught up with Shelter Pet Squad author Cynthia Lord in celebration of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Check out the Q&A below to read about Cynthia’s...

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Celebrate Princess Week with these amazing books!

Brooke Shearouse April 25th, 2016

Today kicks off National Princess Week and what better way to celebrate than by reading one of these fantastic princess-themed books? From fierce warriors and space...

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